Groover helps artists get their music heard. Through an innovative web platform, Groover connects artists who want to promote their music with the best curators, radios and labels seeking emerging talents. On, artists can send their music directly to a selection of blogs, radios, playlist curators, record labels and pros of their choice, get feedback guaranteed, and coverage!

More than 1 million pieces of feedback have been given by more than 1,000 active music curators and pros, 200k+ shares (reviews, playlist adds etc.) and 500+ signatures on record labels happened thanks to Groover.

Groover Obsessions
Groover Obsessions is the artist accelerator towards success launched by Groover. Adapted to each project, it is the first continuous artist acceleration program created to support the most promising artists discovered on Groover.

Detected on Groover following their excellent results and their talent, more than 20 Obsessions artists coming from France, the UK, the US, Canada, Sweden compose a secret recipe: eclecticism and quality, dynamism and talent on stage, personal and artistic crush. Groover Obsessions aims to boost our stand-out musicians and advance their careers.

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The Groover showcase will be held at EBGBS on the 1st of May between the hours of 14:00 to 17:00.