Sound of Europe

We teamed up with The European Commission and Lithuanian Embassy to deliver Sound of Europe - A one day event on touring and festival opportunities in Europe.

As the UK continues to face an uncertain future in regard to Brexit and how it will affect daily life and aspirations, the music industry is likely to be one of the most affected areas as artists touring from and into the UK and promoting their music beyond boundaries is essential to keeping music diverse.

But in the face of uncertainty, there are surely still opportunities for UK and international artists to work together and to tour and for young people who want to work in Europe to do so.

Hosted by the UK’s leading independent festival for new music, Sound City, ‘Sound of Europe’ is a one day event which will explore the possibilities that continue to exist in Europe and will bring together artists and industry professionals to meet, discuss and create new opportunities.

With panels featuring UK and EU representatives on:

Working in Europe / Touring in Europe / Festivals in Europe

A drinks reception followed with artist performances from Garbanotas Bosistas (Lithuania) and Papaver Cousins (Hungary) and <:: The Science of the Lamps ::> (Norway) and Seafoam Green (Ireland). 

* ‘Sound of Europe’ is dedicated to the Europe Day which is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. This event is free of charge and organised on behalf of the European Commission in the UK. It was made possible by the cooperation of Lietuvos kultūros institutas / Lithuanian Culture Institute, Lietuvos Respublikos Ambasada Londone / Lithuanian Embassy in London and Liverpool Sound City.

Sound of Europe