The Love Letter Series


The Love Letter Series - dance performance Saturday 4th May, Greenland street 

Directed, Cultivated and Sculpted
by Rachel Kay

Support and Guidance
by Chris Maguire

Producer/Rehearsal Director :
Deborah Norris

Created and Performed by Edge Hill University Students

Music Credits
- Artist: Gidge

: ‘Eyes Open’ and ‘Huldra’

Cast – EdgeFWD/3rdEdge Dance Company

A love letter to humanity, A Celebration in Existing at All

The Love Letter Series is a series of hand written letters to the self, cultivated through posed questions, vocalised movements and self-exploration.

‘The Love Letter Series’ is a culmination of solos that celebrate each individual’s current existence. The solos stand testament to the many questions asked of oneself and the brutal honesty that is required to celebrate your current existence.

In embracing our thoughts, feelings and the vibrations that wave through us, we can cultivate a canvas (solo) that is honest and truthful to our current existence, our current storyline and our current being. It is not who we want to be or who we have been, it is an honest representation of what we are in the moment of creating it, which can then guide, support and nurture our future self to a place of integrity and clarity.

Facilitating and creating alongside the Edge Hill University students was a true pleasure with many moments of discoveries, elevation and joy. In creating this work, the understanding became clear that it is an experience rather than a body of work. An experience for both the mover and the observer which, can change every time you encounter it.

The Love Letter Series