Raves R Us

Naughty Corner Productions' 8th show promises to be the immersive event of the year.

Toys R Us has closed down for good leaving Charlie and his mates unemployed, depressed and searching for any escape from this rundown bigot-lead society.

Charlie’s vision arrives fully formed. They have an abandoned warehouse, an abandoned nation... it’s time to make a sanctuary, an escape... a Rave.

Inspired from a true story out of Hounslow, London.

Raves R Us will combine all favourite Naughty Corner features along with an immersive setting and atmosphere to create the most energetic, original night of theatre you’ve ever been a part of.

Raves R Us was a huge hit at Glastonbury festival 2019 and Liverpool's Camp & Furnace and will burst through your expectations of theatre. Don't miss it... Just don't.

★★★★★ - North West End

"A Stroke of Theatrical Genius" - La Vida Liverpool

If you fancy a taster:

Catch them on Newbird street in the Unusual Arts Sourcing Company Marquee!

Raves R Us