Where – DISTRICT | Saturday

Gwenno! Given that her most recent releases are sung in Cornish tongue, for the vast majority the meaning behind Gwenno’s lyrics are ambiguous, with the matching instrumentals further emphasising an inference of interpretability. Gwenno weaves elements of folk, electronica and psychedelia around her phonetics, with the overall combination resulting in a spellbinding sonic that at times borders on surrealism. There really is no other artist like her on the planet, however in the years to come, as her output is disseminated, there is no doubt that her influence will be found in a range of artists across a myriad of genres.

Gwenno's performance at Sound City 2019 will feature collaborations with some of the UKs best emerging female talent as part of Both Sides Now. Watch this space for updates - this is something you won't want to miss!