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GINEVRA is a singer and songwriter born in Turin, Italy, in the early summer of 1993. She grew up close to the mountains and woods, where she started to build up her intimate identity.

Based in Milan since 2012, she never stopped looking for her truest sound.

This deep research brought her to 'Ruins', her debut EP produced by Francesco Fugazza, an Italian producer and composer who had a very significant role since the listening phase of the material.

The songs of 'Ruins' come out in the form of diary pages. They're full of tears and fears, growth and relief, and obviously love.

'Ruins' has no fear of exposure and Ginevra’s hidden thoughts rise without the need to follow a usual path. Her voice is whispered most of the times and immersed into a liquid atmosphere made of reverberation, soft noises and percussions.

Listen to Ginevra here: