Gigs & Graphics


Gigs & Graphics is an exhibition, market place and activity hub, hosted within Sound City. This year we will be taking over Constellations bar area on Greenland Street – right in the heart of the festival!

The exhibition
The central idea behind Gigs & Graphics is celebrating the visualisation of music by illustrators, graphic designers and artists in the form of Gig Posters.

Each year we commission new artwork, pairing visual artists with acts from Sound City’s line-up – encouraging collaborations, producing unique work and promoting new and established talent. These limited edition prints are exhibited alongside the international poster art of the main exhibit.

The events & activities
Over the weekend we will be inviting festival-goers to have a go at screen printing, as we add the finishing touches to this years posters. More details about artists involved will be released on the lead up to the festival.

Market place
All of the posters on display at Gigs & Graphics are for sale, and this year we have invited some of the artists to come along with their remarkable work, so there is the opportunity to meet the people behind the posters!


Gigs & Graphics