“I reject the music industry’s belief that an artist should arrive fully-formed,” says Joni Samuels. “I love when you can see artists’ growth, their progression. I want to always be getting better at playing music, at expressing emotion. This new record, Sink Or Swim, is the first time we’ve really translated what we can do live to the recording studio.”

Consider Fräulein a work in glorious progress, then. The group – featuring Samuels on guitar and vocals, and Karsten van der Tol on drums – are about to follow up a series of acclaimed singles and thrilling live performances with Sink Or Swim, a mini-LP that finds them as connected as ever with their primal origins, while also displaying new levels of sophistication. The blunt impact of their bone-simple riffage remains intact, but these new songs showcase the duo’s limitless potential, their feel for tension and release, the complex undertows within Samuels’ lyrics.

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