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Eric’s is quite simply one of the most iconic venues of all time, without it, many of Liverpool’s most successful bands might never have been. But it’s influence went much further.

Without Eric’s there might not have been Factory Records, without Factory, no Hacienda, no Stone Roses, no Oasis, no British House scene and possibly no Cream. Not bad for a little club on Mathew Street, possibly, dare I say it, more influential than its earlier neighbour.

Anyway enough of the history lesson. We’ve put together, with our classical musical director Jamie Clauge,an ensemble of young local musicians who are going to be performing the hits of Eric’s finest as you’ve never heard them before, it’s going to be brilliant.

And as part of this homage to Eric’s we have the cultural legend that is Jayne Casey in conservation with friends talking about the club’s history, legacy and the current importance of independent venues and artistic spaces.

Come and visit in the unusual art sourcing tent! 

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