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Impossible to pin down, Beija Flo’s sound is one that encompasses everything from open hearted balladry to acerbic punk. Tackling everything from love and relationships through to mental and sexual health, she is truly an artist for our times, juxtaposing her darkest moments against those of enduring hope. To witness Beija Flo live is an unforgettable experience. Songs, performance and costumes aside she provokes a conversation that many would shy away from. Beija Flo’s reality is weaved through music and the narrative she shares with an ever growing audience.

An Essex-native, Beija Flo now calls Liverpool her home. Involved in lots of happenings in the burgeoning arts scene, she is a regular life-model, part of the Eggy Records fold of exciting bands and artists, and a member of performing arts collective The Secret Circus. Spontaneous and with an undying lust for creative output, it’s impossible to say what she’ll turn her hand to next. Her most recent single ‘Nudes’ even came with an exhibition at Output Gallery in Liverpool!

Finding their name from the bold stencilled text of the industrial dockside storage units that they pass daily, stores are the true spirit of Merseyside’s musical underground. Hailing from harsh coastal towns on opposite sides of the North, cumbrian hillsides and suburbia, the collective find influence in both the beautiful and decaying.

Much like the landscapes that have surrounded them, their sound is one that juxtaposes the harmonious with something much darker. Fatigued and heartsore, like lonely retail park cinema employees and unleashing reckless abandon like the kids on the train tracks behind it stores embody that weird transitional stage between childhood and the crushing realities at adulthood. Reflecting the wilderness of your early twenties, stores document the extreme highs and lows. Bipolarity pulses through their sound as blissfully warm Saturdays become more angular and disorientating Monday mornings. Melodious ecstasy comes crushing down in the anxiety of a Sunday morning after a night out.

A frank recollection of lost and found feelings through dramatic, extraterrestrial kitchen sink drama and kaleidoscopic noise. Cowboys of the forgotten seaside town armed with little more than dirty country inspired folk, and way better than any retail therapy, stores are open 24/7.

Catch them at the Unusual Arts Company Marque on Newbird street!

Eggy Records