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Sound City Innovation Partner, Edge Hill University, has an on-going partnership that provides career-enhancing connections to students. The University is committed to producing industry-ready graduates with real-world experience of working in the creative sector, which is essential in the UK’s competitive job market. Their 2018 programme includes:

The Label Recordings Takeover: Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th May, Kitchen Street, 4-8pm featuring Aztex, Oranji Son, Ceemax, Foxtrap, Vain Male, Ali Horn, Seatbelts, Bill Nickson

Stealing Sheep’s Suffragette Tribute: Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th May, Blade Factory, 8pm
Presented in partnership with Edge Hill University and Brighter Sound

In response to the centenary of suffrage, Stealing Sheep are celebrating women with a performance inspired by the suffragette movement. Co-commissioned by Edge Hill University and Manchester-based creative music charity Brighter Sound, ‘Stealing Sheep’s Suffragette Tribute’ will bring together female drummers and percussionists from the Liverpool area with design, AV and production students to create a marching band and procession featuring brand new music - all inspired by women, equality and empowerment.

The performance will be the culmination of a five-day artistic residency led by Stealing Sheep. The residency is part of Both Sides Now, an initiative led by Brighter Sound to support, inspire and showcase female artists based in the North of England.

Edge Hill University have co-commissioned the piece as part of its ‘Wonder Women’ year of celebration of women’s suffrage, and empowered its students to be involved through its innovative Student Opportunity programme.


Radical Daughters (Dance): Saturday 5th May, Constellations main room, 15.45 & 18.00
Takes its stimulus from the photography and artwork of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore whom created a series of theatrical gender challenging self-portraits that David Bowie later described as, “Really quite mad, in the nicest possible way.” The stepsisters (and lovers) collaborated to create art that shook the foundations and helped – alongside many other figures throughout history – sow the seed for the idea to challenge the binaries of gender. Like the work of the sisters this piece is beautifully mad, exquisitely choreographed, with a rock and roll East German Soundtrack and unapologetic Bowie style flair and vamp.

So Love (Dance): Sunday 6th May, Constellations main room, 14.15 & 18.00
So love... is the portrait of a generation looking at tomorrow’s adventures. Negotiating in-between expectations and authenticity. The piece gathers a cast of 8 young women building the path towards their empowered future.

In Search of the Phoenix, Sunday 6th May, Furnace, 4.15 - 4.45pm

In Search of the Phoenix is a musical theatre work composed by Professor Stephen Davismoon of Edge Hill University and directed by Sadie Smith from Chatsworth High School and Community College, Salford.

The work grew out of a commission from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and aims to promote ideas of ‘choice’ and ‘agency’ for young people with Special Educational Needs, whilst touching upon age-appropriate themes such as: loyalty, love and loss. 

The performers, are a mixed-ability group of students aged between 11 to 19, they tell the story of a young musicians' search for happiness, through dance, drama, song and music technology, accompanied by musicians from Edge Hill University Big Band.


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