Charity Shop Pop

Where – BEST BEFORE | Sunday

I'm a bedroom indie pop artist, making you feel all warm and cosy like a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winters day. I use my guitar and synths to create laid back and ambient tunes, while I'm normally spouting some crap about love and all that kind of stuff over the top.

If you can't find me on the end of a guitar, search high and low in all good charity shops, coz that's where I'll be, stalking out all the new (technically old) stuff that I'm gonna buy and wear/use.

At the beginning of November, Carl Hunter (of The Farm) took me into Parr Street Studios to record a new track, Always You, to be released by The Label Recordings. With the help of him, Chris Taylor and my best buds, The Preamps, we managed to finish the day with the bestest sounding tune known to man. It was literally the best day of my life and you'll be able to hear it on all good streaming platforms from 7th December.

I was honoured when the King (Dave Monks) played it on his BBC Introducing Merseyside show, and then staggered when Janice Long and Gary Crowley played it on their shows, and then Amazing Radio stuck it on their Audition show. I've had previous releases hit BBC Merseyside and BBC Lancashire before, which has been a humbling experience to hear things made from my bedroom, on a crappy old MacBook, hit the local radio waves for all to hear.

Charity Shop Pop