Brixton based Bamily are four beat-making shit-kickers who throw parties and make pop music. With a heavy DIY ethos, Bamily are every inch the modern indie prospect bringing the basement band into the insta age.

The four producers are naturally gifted performers with a unique, modern and energetic live set that combines underground electronic influences with traditional pop structures - their sold out debut headline show will be at Corsica Studios, London on 5th November 2021.

The band cut their teeth throwing ‘Bamily Affair’ parties in small and intimate locations across London, combining gig settings with club culture. The parties are built for fans and friends of the group to party, the now infamous ‘Bamily Affair’ nights feature both live and DJ sets provided by Bamily, plus a range of guest DJs.

“Buttery, heartfelt, and totally addictive.” PIGEONS & PLANES “Rather than following indie tradition, they pull from hip-hop and soul, sampling their way to euphoria.” NME “Like a refreshed Happy Mondays delivering illicit thrills for 2k20.” CLASH