YMU Business Management @Sound City 2023

When you're an emerging musician, or indie record label, money and how you finance your shows, tours or band, can be the last thing you want to think about. Being able to afford a music specialist accountant isn't always an option either. That's why YMU Business Management are offering a free sit down with our specialist accountants, tax advisors and royalties experts to go through your specific financial situation. .

Whether you're trying to work out when your hobby becomes a "job" and taxatble, or you've begun your own label or management company, we've got experts who will be able to talk you through what you can do now to future proof yourself and your business. So when you do need specialist help, or you want to pass your finances over to a professional and never think about filing your own returns again, you'll be in a tidy position and will know more about what to expect from a good music accountant.

Get in touch today by emailing ukbusinessmanagement@ymugroup.com, or follow and message us on Instagram @ymubusiness or YMU Business Management on LinkedIn.

YMU Business Management @Sound City 2023