Today, we stand together for a global day of action as part of the #WeMakeEvents campaign. The pandemic has severely impacted the live events sector with over a million professionals at risk of losing their jobs, 600,000+ of those people deliver outdoor live events and most are self-employed. We are still waiting for the government’s financial support in order for our industry to continue. With no support, we simply do not exist.

Over these uncertain months we’ve adapted and found new ways of coming together, to celebrate music together. The UK creative industry contributes over £100 billion to the economy each year. We travel across the globe to see our favourite artists, take long train journeys to witness our favourite show, wait hours or miss sleep just to get tickets before they sell out. The UK creative industry wherever you are is exciting, inspiring and unforgettable. We can’t be forgotten right now as we need the support right now.

We come together today for our live events, venues, theatres, promoters, artists, production crews and everyone who is struggling because of the lack of support from our government for our live events sector. We cannot go on unheard. We need to come together. Please join us as we make our voices heard today as we call on our government for more support. Find out more at www.wemakeevents.com