We're hiring a Developer

Sound City (Liverpool) is seeking to commission a developer with web specialists, preferably in the entertainment business, to develop the specification for a digital solution that will allow for content outside of China to be streamed into the country, and vice versa. The developer will familiarise themselves with the existing Guesthouse technology, the range of streaming-platforms in China (including MNOW), and put together a specification for the building of a piece of software that will enable Sound City to have online access to Chinese audiences at will.

By the end of the contract the Developer will create:

  • The blueprint for the technological innovation that will allow for the seamless broadcast of digital content into China
  • A detailed summary of the resources (human, technological) needed to be able to complete the build of the project
  • A detailed breakdown of the costs to put the innovation into development

The Developer will do all the preparation necessary to develop a prototype steaming platform that
will allow for the seamless broadcast into China.

This project is a High Growth Innovation Fund and is part funded by the European Regional
Development Fund.

Contract value: £79,000

  • Closing date: January 13th 2023
  • Contract Start date: January 23rd 2023
  • Contract End Date: March 31st 2023

Any potential tenderer should download the relevant tender specification from the link below:


About the buyer
Sound City (Liverpool) Limited
Studio F,
16 Jordan Street,
Liverpool L1 0BP

Email: beckyayres@soundcity.uk.com
Website: https://www.soundcity.uk.com/

We're hiring a Developer