UK Music Awards at Sound City 2024!

UK Music is the collective voice of the UK’s world-leading music industry. They represent all sectors of our industry – bringing them together to collaborate, campaign, and champion music.

Their work to deliver on this mission focuses on the following areas:

  • UK Music provides a platform for music industry leaders to share ideas, concerns and goals that allow musicians to speak on their behalf with an authoritative voice.
  • UK Music guides policy-makers towards decision-making in the best collective interests of the membership, now and for the future.
  • UK Music amplifies the voice of its member organisations, consistent with the collective interest, increasing and supporting their political access.
  • UK Music undertakes and publishes research on the economic and social value of music, acting as a resource for its membership and policymakers.
  • UK Music promotes the music industry as a key national asset to central, devolved and local governments and Parliaments, as well as other relevant policymakers, stakeholders and influencers.
  • UK Music advocates for copyright and related rights, which underpin music, to be recognised and valued at all levels of the UK government, throughout the wider economy and by consumers.
  • UK Music supports and encourages initiatives to grow the music industry’s talent pipeline and nurture the development of our future workforce.
  • UK Music works to boost diversity, inclusion and intersectionality in the music industry through a data-driven approach and supporting its members’ initiatives.

UK Music Awards at Sound City 2024!