SyncVault offers new promotional services and funding for artists

It’s no secret that the past 18 months have brought a number of challenges to the music industry. The uncertainty of the global pandemic has created a catalyst for new approaches to music marketing, including the launch of SyncVault; a music promotion and funding platform that empowers artists to drive their creative journey forward.

SyncVault YouTube influencer campaigns offer a cost-efficient solution to promoting music as part of the marketing mix, where artists can reach audiences in new territories. As the number one site for music discovery, YouTube influencers are the perfect champions for new music helping artists to gain exposure through their engaged subscriber base.

SyncVault has also recently launched Artist Advances, which will help dozens of artists to benefit from financial support enabling them to record, release and market their music. It’s one of the most artist friendly deals available, ensuring that artists stay in control of their masters with 100% ownership and the right to retain all income from publishing, touring, merch and sync.

Currently Artist Advances are available to established artists that have at least 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The amount they can receive varies from $1,000 to $100,000+ and artists can choose their own distribution and marketing partners, giving them full flexibility to work with the parties that best suit their needs.

“So far 2021 has been an exciting year for SyncVault as we emerge with tools and features to help propel artists forwards”, says Chief Community Officer, Jessica Paine. “Although we’re a tech company, we’re passionate about building a creative community in order to create meaningful collaborations between artists and YouTube influencers. Hosting a stage at Liverpool Sound City gives us the perfect opportunity to connect with the music community.”

SyncVault has partnered with Sound City to showcase some of the up-and-coming talent they’re working with. Alice Pisano, VOODOOS, The Clockworks, Albion, and VidCents Music Competition winner, Danelia will all be taking to the stage to perform at the afternoon showcase event which is taking place at the Shipping Forecast on Saturday 2 October. Music industry guests and fans are invited to join SyncVault’s drinks reception party from 2pm.

For more information about SyncVault’s YouTube influencer marketing campaign and Artist Advances head to: or contact

SyncVault offers new promotional services and funding for artists