Sound City is about showcasing amazing talent and unearthing brilliant emerging artists from diverse music genres and backgrounds across the UK and the world. But we know that we have work to do to truly realise this vision and to make everything we do - from the artists we showcase and work with, the speakers we programme at our conferences, the participants we have on our training programmes, our workforce and our partners - truly inclusive and representative of the society we live in, to provide equal opportunities for all.

We pledge to being actively supportive of BIPOC. How will we do this? By empowering, amplifying, promoting and giving voice to BIPOC through all of our programmes and looking at how we operate as a company. We will be hosting discussions, updates about artists we are working with, archive content, and ways that we will increase opportunities for BIPOC from now on, on our website and social channels. We know that actions speak louder than words.

With love, support and hope for the future
Sound City x