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17:00 - AIM Presents: The Future of Fan Engagement
So you’re making amazing music and you want more people to listen to it. But how do you decide what works best for your marketing strategy? Learn about the tools and platforms that help promote and sell your music, interact with fans and build a community. Experts will offer insights, ideas, tips and tricks that you can put into practice right away and delve into what the future might hold…

This is for artists, managers, labels, anyone working with artists and anyone interested new digital platforms and ways to reach fans.

Calum Johnson (AIM); Gee Linford Grayson (Patreon); Megan Freiman (Believe); Aly Gillani (Bandcamp)

18:00 - Horus Music Presents: The Music Market Boom in Nigeria and Everything You Need To
Music revenue in Nigeria will increase by 5.6% year on year over the next five years to reach $40m in 2023, according to PwC, which tips the country to be the fastest growing entertainment and media market thanks to the boom in mobile internet. In this session we will cover why the market has seen a sudden surge, Nigeria’s connection to the UK both musically and culturally, and how artists can take advantage of this growing music market.

Nina Condron (Horus Music); Abisoye Obayan (Horus Music Nigeria); Yemi Alade-Lawal (Afro Pop Live); Dayo Adeneye (CEO, Primetime Entertainment Ltd); Seun Kuti (Nigerian musician & revolutionary activist).

19:00 - Tom Rogan & Horus Music
Eleni C
Tom Rogan


17:00 - AIM Presents: Growing Your Artist's Platform on TikTok
Just when you think you've mastered one digital platform, another one blows up! Artists all around the world are engaging with and growing their fanbase on TikTok, a place where you can have a handful of followers and get millions of views. But how do you get started and is it the right move for every artist? What if social media doesn't come naturally do you? Does it cost money to do it well and can you actually make any money out of it yourself? Get insights, tips and tricks from experts from TikTok, the digital agency that took Tinie’s channel to over 250k followers in three months and an artist killing it on the platform...

This is for artists, managers, labels, anyone working with artists and anyone interested new digital platforms and ways to reach fans.

Nina Radojewski (AIM); Anna Gruszka (TikTok); Jason Edwards-Buhari (HypeBrid/MOBOS); Ellysse Mason (Artist); Sam Hong (Killing Moon/Artist).

18:00 - Both Sides Now: A Manifesto For Change
As part of their pioneering gender equality programme Both Sides Now, Brighter Sound present an exclusive first-look at their crowd-sourced Manifesto for Change. Join artists Lady Ice, CHAINES, Estee Blu, Ruth Patterson and the team behind Both Sides Now for a discussion that explores the intersecting inequalities regarding gender representation and reflects on what we can all do to make equality a reality.

Ruth Patterson (Composer); Estee Blu (Artist); Lady Ice (Artist); CHAINES (Artist); Kate Lowes (Brighter Sound).

19:00 - BIBI & Samuel Seo
Samuel Seo


17:00 - Moving The Needle Presents: You Don't Have to Hold a Mic to Be Part of Our Industry
Women come into the UK music industry in droves, yet only hold a third of senior management roles are held by women, 2% of these roles are held by black women (African or Afro-Caribbean) and women earn just 73% of what men get paid. Educational support group ‘Moving The Needle’ (MTN) discuss the importance of supporting young women in music from all backgrounds, ethnicities and personalities to enter the wide range of careers available in the UK music industry and reach their full potential. There are hundreds of roles across the music industry that female pupils and young women should know about, you don’t have to hold a mic to be part of the/our industry!

Maxie Gedge (Keychange); Julie Weir (Sony Music/MTN); Karen Emanuel (Key Productions); Shekayla Maragh (Cube/Shesaidso)

18:00 - Seye Adelekan In-Conversation with Shell Zenner
Seye Adelekan is a Nigerian Born, London raised musician from South London. As well as being the bass player in Gorillaz current line-up he has played on records with/live with and produced for many artists including Damon Albarn/Africa Express, Paloma Faith, Mumford and Sons, La Roux, The Very Best, Baaba Maal, KT Tunstall, The Noisettes, Ellie Goulding, YOTA, Self Esteem and more. 

One of the most sought after bassists on the scene, Seye Adelekan brings all of his experience to table in an all-encompassing In Conversation with Shell Zenner.

Seye Adelekan (Gorillaz, Paloma Faith, KY Tunstall); Shell Zenner (BBC Introducing)

19:00 - Brooke Combe & SaskMusic Showcase
Lancelot Knight
Marissa Burwell
Brooke Combe


18:00 - Horizons/Gorwelion Presents: The International Language of Music
A panel discussing the role of languages in music, the significance of lesser heard languages being represented, identity, authenticity and the rise of non-English language music in the mainstream.

Bethan Elfyn (BBC); Hollie Singer (Adwaith); Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab); Miss Tati (Artist); Ifan Davies (Sŵnami); I See Rivers (Artist); Leo Virgili (Suns Europe); Massimo Silverio (Artist).

19:00 - Horizons/Gorwelion Showcase
Afro Cluster
Aleighcia Scott
Darren Eedens & The Slim Pickin's
Elis Derby
Eve Goodman
Lucas J Rowe
Rosehip Teahouse

20:00 - Rianne Downey
Rianne Downey


17:00 - TuneCore & Black Lives In Music Presents: What Does Success Look Like In Today's Music Industry?
Join Black Lives in Music and TuneCore for a fascinating discussion on the concept of success and what does it look like for all of us who are pursuing a path in the music industry. Whether you are a musician, artist manager or studio engineer, we all have dreams and aspirations of where we want to be further on in our careers.

Roger Wilson will be chairing a panel discussion with leading artists and music industry professionals. We’ll find out find out more about their own professional journeys and experiences as people of colour in the UK music industry. Roger Wilson is co-founder of Black Lives in Music, a new organisation focusing on the issue of diversity in the music industry.

This insightful session asks the important questions, what is success in the music industry? How do we get there? and what can we do now to smooth the journey for tomorrow’s generation?

Roger Wilson (Black Lives In Music); Bridie Asare (A&R, Believe); Carns Hill (Producer); R.A.E (Artist).

18:00 - Ayishat Akanbi In-Conversation with Shell Zenner
From styling some of the biggest names in the UK entertainment industry, to becoming the voice of a generation through her insightful cultural commentaries, it is a pleasure to have Ayishat Akanbi join us in conversation with Shell Zenner for Sound City Digital.

Offering a fresh perspective on issues of authenticity, identity and integrity, join us for an hour sure to inspire self-empowerment. Watch for free at Sound City Digital!

Ayishat Akanbi (Stylist, Cultural Commentator, Writer); Shell Zenner (BBC Introducing).

19:00 - Launch Powered by CAPLL Showcase
Molly Green
L'Nee Golay
The Sway

20:00 - The Snuts Live at The Tall Ship
The Snuts