Sesac partner with Sound City 2021

SESAC is a leader and innovator in music licensing. It is the only U.S.-based music rights organization that administers public performance, mechanical, and other rights through its subsidiary businesses. SESAC Performing Rights Organization drives efficiency in licensing music users, and enhances value for its affiliated writers, publishers and composers by providing timely, efficient royalty distribution powered by a sophisticated cloud-based data services platform. SESAC’s roster includes prominent artists such as Adele, Rosanne Cash, Bob Dylan, Green Day, Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons, R.E.M., and many more.

SESAC is delighted to be working with Liverpool Sound City to showcase the best of new talent.

POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE might be inspired by the likes of The Smiths, Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground, want to restore the mythos behind being a rockstar and have a burning desire to delete The Internet, but this mob aren’t interested in nostalgia. Instead the group - formed by Frankie and Simon a little over a year ago and based in Liverpool - want to offer comfort to a generation being battered by social media anxiety and millennial growing pains with art that refuses to settle inside genre lines.

Noisy is what Noisy does: a three-piece hybrid of hooks, beats and escapism. Formed on the south coast of England in Worthing, they take the spin-the-bottle sensibility of the playlist generation and make something new entirely: the sound of hip hop, D&B, and the eternal swagger of the Happy Mondays rolled into one intoxicating whole. Comprised of singer/rapper Cody, guitarist Connor and producer-guitarist Spencer, the band is the culmination of several years of skate park-induced friendship.
They’ve played in groups together before, sure, but, as Cody puts it: “That was the staging area. Now we’re doing it for real.” They’ve been Noisy for the past year and a half, an 18-month period that’s seen them build a makeshift studio in Spencer’s house and put it to good use: coming up with a name, and then a suitably clamorous sound to follow.

Youth Sector are a Brighton based five-piece offering up a unique blend of drawling vocal melodies sashaying above sharp, crooked guitars. Having met at university, the band combine influences from Talking Heads, Devo and Preoccupations to create their sound in which razor-sharp analogue synths and angry driving bass lines are the order of the day. With a compelling live show, Youth Sector have “swagger to match bands ten times their size, the confidence the quartet exhibit points to exciting things” (DIY Magazine).

Sesac partner with Sound City 2021