Italia Music Export support Italian Artists playing Sound City 2022

Italia Music Export has teamed up with Sound City to promote Italian music worldwide, boosting music export revenues, and supporting Italian music companies going global. Italia Music Export is a resource centre and service for exporters of Italian music - developing promotion tools and international partnerships for musicians and companies within the Italian music industry. Some core Italia Music Export activities include :

  • Facilitating networking between Italian and international music professionals
  • Arranging free seminars and workshops for Italian music professionals to provide knowledge regarding music export on all levels
  • Providing funding and travel support for export activities
  • Offering up-to-date information on all types of governmental funding that may prove valuable to music professionals

Find out more about Italia Music Export’s artists :

Claudia Is On The Sofa

Claudia Is On the Sofa wielding her guitar, Emmylou Ribs, sings about the lives of people on the street, the roar and the silence. She sings of the beauty of nature and the stories of people. She plays the music from her first two albums, Love Hunters and Time of me, all over Italy and Europe. Form the cold north to the Mediterranean Sea she sings in magic places with magic people. Her stages are lakes, theatres, small and smoky clubs, and big festivals. Claudia has collaborated with other musicians and artists, and she has shared the stage with: Thurston Moore, Joan As a Police Woman, Richmond Fontaine, Scott Matthew, Polly Paulusma, Hugo Race, Steve Wynn, Pink Mountaintops, Sondre Lerche, Dillon, Simeon Soul Charger, Philip Parfitt, Omar Pedrini, Paolo Benvegnù, Cesare Basile, Giorgio Tuma etc. She sings on the albums: Omar Pedrini "Che ci vado a fare a Londra?", Giorgio Tuma "In the morning we'll meet" and she collaborates with the theremin player Nori Ubukata. Composer and song writer, she sings and composes music for videos and documentaries, one of which was presented at Cannes. She collaborates with painters and artists such as Angelo Bordiga and Stefano Ogliari Badessi Sob, and she creates sonification of astrophysical data concerning galaxies with scientists and sound artists in SoniCosmos. In the end she always returns to her sofa: that subtle wind that always brings her home. Claudia Is On The Sofa's music is life, encounters and stories.

You can catch Claudia Is On The Sofa at Kazamier Stockroom at 22:20 - 23:00.

Piqued Jacks

The Piqued Jacks are a band of brothers who grew up together in the countryside of Buggiano, near Florence, Italy. With tenacity, riveting concerts, and a unique style of alt/funk-rock music, they made their way to Rome, Milan, London, Glasgow, Austin, and Los Angeles. On one of their early days, they broke and bent an audio jack; the double meaning of its upward angle was easy to see for the four young boys. “Piqued” means “interested”, but also stands for direct, spontaneous, visceral. Piqued Jacks are pure energy. Alt/rock from Italy with an international appeal. Part of label INRI's roster, their successes include: opening act for Interpol, plays on Virgin Radio, Kerrang! Radio, MTV and BBC Radio and performances during some of the best showcase festivals like Canadian Music Week, MMB Bucharest, SXSW and Mondo NYC. The band started 2022 with a performance in Los Angeles at Musexpo and two new singles: Everything South and Particles. The first one was presented in crazy collaboration with Italy’s #1 funeral home Taffo, the second one with Sony Ambassador Paolo Sodi (Andrea Bocelli, Rai).

The latest successes of the album Synchronizer (Mar. 2021) – produced by Julian Emery (Nothing But Thieves), Brett Shaw (Florence + The Machine) and Dan Weller (Enter Shikari) – and great live shows all around Europe launched the band on the trajectory of major stages in 2022 such as Home Festival (Italy), Summerfest (TBA*Milwaukee), Lechlade Music Festival (UK).

Piqued Jacks will be playing Kazamier Stockroom from 21:30 - 22:00.

Italia Music Export support Italian Artists playing Sound City 2022