Introducing Sound City: VITAL Sessions

We are delighted to announce Sound City: VITAL Sessions hosted by no other than rapper and BBC presenter VITAL. Every Monday from 7pm on our Facebook expect Vital to delve deeper into the most relevant topics and issues within the music industry. All discussions will be LIVE with a series of special guests so we welcome you to join in the conversation.

Kicking it all off this Monday 12th October is our first special guest, versatile poet and dancehall rapper J Lucia. You may know J Lucia from The UK Rap Game hosted by DJ Target, Krept and Konan last year. Since J Lucia has released his EP “My Turn” which is filled with many undeniable bops. VITAL talks with J Lucia about how an independent artist can survive through COVID. Don’t miss it.

What can we expect in the next 8 weeks from VITAL Sessions?

Week 1 - 12th October: Surviving Covid as an Independent Artist (J Lucia - Featured on UK Rap Battles)
Week 2 - 19th October : How to Fund yourself? (Do you need a part time job / Career Change)
Week 3: Planning for the Future
Week 4: Finding the Balance 
Week 5: Restructuring your Music Business
Week 6: Collaborations, Deals & Endorsements
Week 7: Helping Yourself! 
Week 8: What’s Next? (How do we move forward?)

We will see you Monday at 7pm here. 

Introducing Sound City: VITAL Sessions