Get ready to be in the BowieWorld Community in new and exciting ways!

We’re just days away from The David Bowie World Fan Convention celebrating everything Bowie. Worlds. Inc. and BowieWorld, sponsors of the Bowie Ball are bringing fans several unique opportunities to continue to build the community that David started, and create memories for a lifetime.

"We're on the cusp of something exhilarating…"
–David Bowie on the Internet in 1999

Exclusive BowieWorld NFTs are Coming to David Bowie Fan Convention

BowieWorld, the first celebrity metaverse, created in 1999 by David Bowie in partnership with Worlds Inc. hosted the first e-commerce transactions and foreshadowed today’s immersive metaverses. Join us in celebrating David’s vision and passion for art and technology with an EXCLUSIVE OFFERING OF 100 OF THE FIRST BOWIEWORLD NFTs for purchase only by those attending the Fan Convention in Liverpool BEFORE the official BowieWorld NFT drop!

Attendees can shop the exclusive BowieWorld NFT Convention Presale by visiting BowieWorld Marketplace Booth #17 in the Courtyard. We encourage you to purchase some crypto (ETH) in advance so that collecting is easier/faster at the Convention. You can set up an exchange account and purchase ETH here:

Free Bowie Convention NFT and Chance to Win a BowieWorld NFT for Convention Attendees!

BowieWorld and Worlds, Inc. are offering all convention attendees a free proof of attendance protocol (POAP) NFT and entry into a raffle to win one of the first 100 BowieWorld NFTs to be minted, valued at up to £1000, from the 2022 BowieWorld NFT Collection. Winner to be announced at the Bowie Ball.

Register via the BowieWorld QR code or visit this link: Stop by our Marketplace Booth #17 in the Courtyard to receive personalized assistance.

Join the Community David Envisioned and Create Your Memories through the BowieWorld Fan App!

Share your experiences throughout the Convention with fellow Bowie fans or contribute virtually via the free BowieWorld Fan App powered by Filmily and brought to you in partnership with Worlds, Inc. and BowieWorld.

The BowieWorld Fan App is a mobile platform that will capture your videos and images then create a free Bowie-themed digital scrapbook starring YOU! Plus you'll receive custom images within 10 minutes that you can post to your social media and share anywhere.

Whether you're in Liverpool or joining us from around the world, put your best Bowie on and join 1000s of David's fans contributing to the visual experience at the Bowie Ball!

Start creating memories today so you can see yourself as you walk into the Convention Hall or send content through the app so we can make you a social media STAR!

And to make the weekend even more exciting - the more content you send in, the more chances you will have to win exclusive giveaways such as a signed guitar by Woody Woodmansey! The exclusive giveaway is open to all BowieWorld Fan App users - in person or virtual.

Explore “The BowieWorld Odyssey”

BowieWorld creators at Worlds are presenting “The BowieWorld Odyssey” on the making of BowieWorld on Friday, 17 June, 14:15 – 15:00. For clips from "The BowieWorld Odyssey," follow us on Twitter @BowieWorldsNFT or click the link!

Stay Connected!

We cannot wait to see everyone in a few days at the convention! In the meantime, follow us on social media (Twitter: @BowieWorldsNFT, Instagram: @BowieWorldsNFT Facebook @BowieWorldNFT) and keep in touch.

We look forward to dancing the night away with YOU!

The BowieWorld Team

Get ready to be in the BowieWorld Community in new and exciting ways!