A Love Letter to The Live Industry

To our friends in the live industry,

There is something incomparable about live music events. They’re truly magical, unique experiences - immersive collaborations between creative minds. A long climb up in anticipation for a short but thrilling slide down. A universal language of joy for all those lucky enough to be present in the moment. 

It’s been nearly a year since a live event without any social distancing. Really! A year without queuing up at the bar in a hot venue with music pounding your ears, getting your phone out for your favourite song, hands in the air looking at your friends: “Yes, this is the one!”

Nobody could have predicted the situation we find ourselves in. But things are changing.
With the recent news of a roadmap out of lockdown, with live shows returning and venues reopening - that vision of a future back in amongst it all has never been brighter.

This is an industry of entertainment, laughter, happy tears, joy and emotion. One that, when tested, shows great resilience and togetherness. We are creators of unforgettable memories. We have proven that, if the world tries to get us down, we will come back stronger and more vital than ever. And we’ll do it all together. 

Lives have been devastated across all industries. There’s no easy way of saying that. But where we are unique is in our ability to bring back the good times. As a creative industry, that is our ultimate responsibility. Just as we have kept everyone entertained and occupied over the course of the pandemic, we must continue to do so as we emerge from the crisis.

We can practically hear the soundchecks from here. We can hear the hushed chatter before an artist steps onto the stage. We can hear the huge singalongs. They’re closer now than ever before, and we’ll be there to see it all. 

At the end of the storm is a golden sky. We will dance together again. 

Sound City

A Love Letter to The Live Industry