Sound of the Xity

Our sister festival in Beijing, Sound Of The Xity - an annual International Music Industry EXPO and Festival. China's leading gateway between China and the international music world.

"Independent music in China is undergoing rapid development, with a large population base waiting to be tapped and a younger generation that is extremely open to new cultures. Sound of the Xity brings together China’s musicians, music companies, music-related media, sponsors, investors and other related companies. We are the bridge between music content and outlets and open the door to China’s market. If you want to understand just how amazing the developments are here, join Sound of the Xity. I am excited to show you." - Zhang Ran, Founder/Director, Sound of the Xity. 

This year, Sound of the Xity hosted their annual event online across our Guesthouse streaming platform mainly focusing on up and coming Chinese artists, with live streamed industry forums and international showcases supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the PRC. You can now watch Sound of the Xity 2020 back on Youtube. 

Deputy Director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People's Republic of China, Feng Litao, said: “We hope to present the music culture of the Chinese youth generation and recommend the Chinese music industry to the world. We’d also like to provide a platform for practitioners from different countries to present and discuss the most recent trends, concerns and practical challenges in a post-pandemic era, along with solutions adopted by the global music business. We are happy to hear from liaise with and share resources with any relevant organisations throughout the world."

Sound of the Xity