Sound City Korea

Sound City Korea is a pioneering programme for musicians and industry professionals who are based in England, that targets Korea, a rapidly emerging and increasingly important international market with an annual spend of $53m on music and digital content, that’s widely seen as a gateway to a wider Asian market. In its first 5 years it has supported 100 musicians and industry professionals to attend 2 leading Korean Festivals: Zandari Festival and MUCON.

Supported by Arts Council England and the British Council.

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Sound City Korea
  • Sound City Korea launches with 6 acts: Tea Street Band, Natalie McCool, Johnny Sands, Hyde & Beast, Chelou and Fizzy Blood.
  • Fizzy Blood’s manager secured a licensing and distribution deal with Korea’s LoveRock label
  • Hatch Records - In 2015, this label was able to negotiate a distribution deal with Korean based Leeway Distribution.
  • Johnny Sands: Johnny’s then label, Baltic Records were offered a single deal off the back of Sound City Korea 2015.
  • Fizzy Blood’s manager Brendan Walsh managed to negotiate a licensing and distribution deal with Korea’s LoveRock label
  • Chelou: secured a new manager in 2017, and as a result undertook a 20 date European tour that year.
  • 7 Artists performed at Zandari Festa and MUCON: Sugarmen, She Drew The Gun, I Set The Sea On Fire, Coquin Migale, Atlas Wynd, Elle Exxe, Shakka
  • She Drew the Gun: secured a publishing deal in Korea (Chilli Music) and USA (Friendly Fire) and management from Ignition in the UK
  • Coquin Migale End Of Trail Recordings secured a European agent for Coquin Migale as a consequence of the ‘critical mass’ generated through Sound City Korea, resulting in a string of European dates for the band
  • Shakka was invited to perform at MIDEM as a direct result of his manager connecting with the MIDEM team while at Zandari Festival
  • Atlas Wynd After being part of Sound City Korea, Atlas Wynd were invited to play in Bulgaria in 2017
  • Elle Exxe Elle’s manager reported having secured 6 US dates off the back of Sound City Korea. Her involvement helped clinch a worldwide deal with Marshall Arts opening up the US, Asia and the Pacific Rim
  • 7 artists: Chloe Martini, Marvin Powell, Crosa Rosa, Afrikan Boy, Rival Bones, Vito, Twistettes went to Korea
  • Afrikan Boy was offered live dates in Indonesia following on from Sound City Korea
  • Rival Bones and Vito were offered festival slots in Mongolia and at Pentaport (Korea)
  • Marvin Powell gained management in the UK following on from his performance
  • Sheffield based DMF Digital negotiated Korean licensing deals for Rival Bones and I Set the Sea on Fire (2016)
  • 6 artists: Alice's Night Circus, EYRE LLEW, False Advertising, The Hot Soles, Love Ssega, Red Rum Club went to Korea
  • Love Sega was offered a publishing deal with South Korean publishers, Chilli Music
  • Red Rum Club secured Steve Zapp (Biffy Clyro, The Courteeners) as their agent
  • False Advertising were offered festival spots at Pentaport Festival, Korea and Wind Chimes festival in Mongolia
  • EYRE LLEW were offered a 5 date Korean tour
  • 6 artists: The Sherlocks, The Tea Street Band, Wooze, Too Many T’s, TxT, Scarlet played
  • Sherlocks were on a show for Seoul Music Festival which was broadcast on MTV in Korea
  • The Tea Street Band did a 4 date Korean tour